Jul 01, 2016

Do you ever ask, "Wait, why am I doing this?"  For us it comes when challenges fill our vision, blocking our ability to see reasons and results.

This morning I stumbled onto an article by Senegalese writer and business person, Maggate Wade.  Some of her words were especially helpful.  She was speaking of African refugees attempting the dangerous journey to Europe by small boat... 
"Why are so many African people willing to risk death at sea?  Because they are poor.  Why are they poor?  Because there are no jobs.  Where do most jobs come from in economies around the world? Small and medium sized enterprises.  Who creates these enterprises?  Entrepreneurs.  Thus, what do we need to do to help create more jobs, and thereby reduce poverty and emigration?  Support developing world entrepreneurs."  
Boom!  She nailed it.  Existential crisis averted :)  Back to serving local people with a clear vision of why we are here.
THANK YOU for partnering with us as we serve in this practical way.  You are appreciated and together we're making a difference.


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