Ken Ball

Ken is a graduate of Northwest Christian University, Fuller Seminary and a Clinical Pastoral Education residency.  Together with Sharon, he spent 18 years among the Maasai of Kenya.  (More details below)  Now back in the United States, Ken ran his successful contracting business for 10 years before taking up his current position as Prison Chaplain in Lakeview, OR.  Ken considers life’s most precious gifts to be the 42 year marriage he shares with Sharon, as well as the growing relationships they enjoy with 4 adult kids, their life-partners and the six (perfect) grandchildren.  Ken’s three mantras include: "Embrace the Mystery!"  "Be real!"  and “It is for FREEDOM that Christ has set you free.”  We concur! 

Sharon Ball Chairman of the Board

Sharon serves as Wema's Chariman of the Board because her extraordinary love for people, bright mind and incredible administrative skills come together to make her the Chairman of our dreams.  The veteran of 18 years of service among East Africa's Maasai people, Sharon pioneered an adult literacy program, helped train local leaders and organize various community develop projects, including administration of a bush medical clinic.  Together with Ken, she raised 4 children while facilitating the development of indigenous churches among the Maasai.  After running her own successful legal transcription business for many years, Sharon's day job is Assistant to the Superintendent, Warner Creek Correctional Facility, Public Information Officer and Legal Information Officer.  Her vocation sees her caring deeply for many, including, but not limited to, the 8 "kids" and 6 grandkids who call her their own.

Byron Borden President

Byron is bemused by the title "President" and prefers the timeless moniker, Byro, bestowed on him 30 years ago by African friends.  You can read more about him here.

Lisa Borden

Lisa never set out to live an endless adventure, but she's glad life with Byron has turned out that way.  You can read more about her here.

Jenelle D'Alessandro

Jenelle, a.k.a. Nelly, is a wonder with words and brings a fresh, insightful perspective to all she approaches.  A Writer-Producer with Radar Creative in Burbank, CA, she lives in Los Angeles and feels honored to have journeyed with the Bordens since she found herself in their Lisbon house-church in 2003.  After spending 3 years with Young Life International in Portugal, then completing 2 degrees at Fuller Seminary, Jenelle ran her own company, Fresh Green Ink, before accepting her current position at Radar Creative.  Nelly loves her neighborhood in the heart of LA and is an elder at Basileia in Hollywood.  She regrets never having learned to do cartwheels.

Steven Denler

Steve is an entrepreneur and visionary, constantly coming up with new ways to bring the of Kingdom of Heaven through art, business ventures, and events.  Currently, Steve is a mental health counselor in Seattle, WA, having graduated from The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology with a masters in both Counseling Psychology and Theology & Culture.  After completing his undergrad at Westmont College, Steve spent ten months working alongside the Bordens in Arusha, Tanzania, coaching soccer, discipling players, and performing design and development work.  Steve gets tremendous amounts of creative work done when excellent coffee is in good supply.

Mark Harris Treasurer

Mark has almost a decade of experience in cross cultural service, primarily in Russia, and holds a DMiss (Doctorate in Missiology).  He has started and operated several non-profit organizations, owns a successful accounting company specializing in small non-profits, and designed/manages the accounting system for the U. S. Center for World Mission.  With 35 years in accounting at home and overseas, he is the perfect treasurer.  Mark teaches business management courses in developing countries and specializes in creating cleverly appropriate nicknames for Byron.

Dan Klein Secretary

Dan, a mechanical engineer by training, designs thermal control systems for NASA satellites.  He's also volunteered with Lifewater International on more down-to-earth projects, bringing fresh water to communities in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Bangladesh.  Dan and Sue knew they had to meet the Bordens 25 years ago when they saw their picture (taken in Kenya) and said to themselves, “We’ve been on that very same rock!”  The Kleins have five kids and live in a very wild home in Altadena, California.

John Lewis

John is CEO of Eugene and Lewis Associates, a well respected CPA and financial management firm in Southern California.  He is passionate about the redemption and renewal of all things through the Good News of Christ and counts it a great privilege to walk with Byron and Lisa as they engage in just such a work.  John has served on a variety of boards from Pepperdine University to the missions organization, Pioneers.  Happily married and the father of two, he is committed to community service on a local and a global level.  John describes his day job as being "a bookkeeper with an attitude.”

Dan Walker

Dan works in product management at FLIR Systems, has many of years of experience in missions, heads the Missions Group at Santa Barbara Community Church and is excited about the potential of enterprise instead of aid in East Africa. He's known Byron since 1972 when they went through awkward Jr and Sr High boarding schools years together in Kenya.  Since then, their lives and families have stayed close even over the distance and years.  Dan has stories to tell about the foolishness of youth and God's grace.