Jan 18, 2016

Yohana is a handsome young Tanzanian in our workshop here in Arusha.  Before he joined our crew a couple of years back, Yohana scraped by searching for unskilled pick-up work on as many days as possible.  It was intermittent at best and always low paying.  Today he is welding and wiring, smiling and providing for himself and his extended family.  Yohana’s steady employment is making a valued and incredibly needed difference in the lives of those around him.  We loved that he brought his 10 year old nephew with him to our staff Christmas party where we feasted, played games and shared the joy of Jesus together.  As the six hour party came to a close, our shop manager and resident elder, James, spoke to us for the gathered group.

"This is from our hearts," he said.  "We are thankful for work.  May God bless you, your families, your generation and even your country!"

Byron, Scott, Annelle and I feel humbled and grateful that we get to make a difference here!

Eugene Peterson had said, "The poor are not a problem to be solved but a people to join."

We are here in Tanzania to join people; to come alongside and empower them both economically and spiritually.  

Thank you for joining people with us.  Your gifts of support are MUCH appreciated!

Blessings on your 2016 :)



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