What Everyone Wants

Nov 02, 2015

One of Gallup’s biggest recent discoveries is that what everyone wants, more than happiness or money, is, quite simply, A GOOD JOB.  
“Gallup defines a good job as one with 30+ hours of work a week with a consistent paycheck from an employer.  A GREAT JOB is a job in which you believe your boss cares about your development, you can use your strengths every day at work, and you believe your work makes a contribution to something.  Your job matters and, subsequently, your life matters.

David Spickard of Jobs for Life contends that one of the most Biblical things we can do is help a man or woman find and keep a job.  Dr. John Perkins agrees and says that the best welfare systems we can develop is to help people get work.
Here in Tanzania, we’re passionate about people breaking out of poverty through good jobs.  We’re proud that we care about the development of the men and women we’re involved with.  We see the good pride in their work, contributing to their communities and the development of their country.  We love watching their self esteem grow, and we get crazy happy as they begin to understand their worth as valued creations made in the image of a LOVING God.  

Your gifts sustain our work.  From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU.


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