A Mind for the Poor

Sep 10, 2015

Our favorite quote from Poverty Cure’s very helpful film, Poverty Inc., says this:
Having a heart for the poor isn’t hard.  Having a MIND for the poor—THAT’S the challenge.”
Here on the ground in East Africa, we resonate deeply with the truth of this straight-shooting observation.  We are moved quickly and easily by the plight of those around us.  We see the many well-meaning volunteers and aid organizations coming to give their time in an attempt to make a difference.  It’s a simple truth that, this side of Heaven, there will always be a need for emergency aid in times of disaster, but long-term aid is not the right response to long-term economic brokenness and the oppression it keeps millions of people locked under.  
Enter the need for renewed minds.  We believe God has a heart and a mind for the poor and we desire our minds be renewed daily as we take up the challenge of bringing transformation in Jesus’ name.  Would you pray Romans 12:2 for us that we might not be conformed by the world’s way of facing these issues but might have our minds made new by this passionate, compassionate and very wise God, daily discerning His will among the people He has called us to serve?

We appreciate your partnership so much!  Thank you.


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