Feb 05, 2015

Erroded Hills
It’s amazing how quickly the muddy muck that accompanies our rainy seasons can turn to the fragile, powdery dust of the dry months.  Overnight, it seems, our slippery, slushy roads, that tires struggle to keep us on, parch into trails that produce clouds of coarse brown plumage behind us.  The seemingly abrupt turnaround always amazes us.  While I prefer the dust because I’m less likely to slide into a ditch in the dry season, I’m aware that both seasons have their pros and their cons...
What the two seasons hold in common is that they both, in their own way,  demonstrate the plight of Africa’s soil.  Through lack of education and regulation, poor farming practices and the long-term effects of over-grazing, the rich and once life-giving soil is rapidly being washed or blown away, depending on the time of year.  
This complicated and massively out of control issue is just one of many that pushes us to keeping asking our Father in Heaven to give creativity and effectiveness to his children as we work together to facilitate income generating opportunities for families in this at-risk environment.  At Wema, we’re pursuing the things He has shown us to do.  We're interested in income generation that doesn't strip the earth through un-terraced fields of crops, or un-checked grazing.  Our handful of endeavors may appear to be small efforts, given the scale of the issues, but they are done in the name of Christ, and they are making a difference.  
Psalm 24 says"The Earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it!  The world and all its people belong to Him!

Thank you for your partnership as we work to care for His people, while being mindful of His world.  


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